Friday, April 13, 2012

Post-challenge Day 30 + Apr 13 WOD: Josh

Today's meals

Breakfast: Paleo pancakes with coconut butter, coconut nectar, and banana
Lunch: Sweet potato hash with fried eggs
Dinner: Sweet potato hash with pork sisig
Snacks: Singkamas, apple and pear slices

Hoping that when I come home tonight I'll be strong enough to resist the temptation of that Bizu Mango Chiboust Cake in the fridge...


I missed the box too much! The past three days I hadn't worked out felt like a month (ok, exaggeration) and it was sooo good to be back. Even though it was benchmark day and I met this boy named Josh. Since I wasn't doing the workout Rx'd, there was a 20 min time cap to do:

- 21 overhead squats
- 42 pull ups
- 15 overhead squats
- 30 pull ups
- 9 overhead squats
- 18 pull ups

Nice to meet you, Josh!
I used a 35 lb bar for the OHS and the ever-reliable green band for the pull ups. That's a lot of gosh-darned pull ups there. My time: 9:01.

The coaches probably thought that 35 lbs was too light for me and Miggy thought that I could probably increase my OHS weight so I tried using Lala's 55 lb bar but I couldn't stabilize it. Maybe a 45 lb bar would've been better. Till next time, Josh!

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