Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post-challenge Day 3 + Mar 17 WOD: Paleo Baseline

Today's meals

Breakfast: Non-paleo waffles with butter and coconut nectar, black coffee
Lunch: Meat sauce, carrot and cucumber sticks, paleo brownies (I almost couldn't eat because of nervousness about today's WOD)
Dinner: KFC chicken, chicken pie, a few servings of very non-paleo cakes
Snacks: Singkamas, orange


Just thinking about my time when I did the baseline WOD the first time makes me cringe. I know I shouldn't be comparing my time with other people's times but sometimes I can't help it. I just have to remind myself that I have a different body, fitness background, and set of genes from them. Because most of the people I workout with have been physically active since their teen years, whereas I only really started getting active 2 years ago.

Anyway... on to the WOD. As what we did last Feb 18, it was 3 rounds of:

- 400m run
- 10 pull ups
- 20 push ups
- 30 sit ups
- 40 squats

I remember during one of the runs I had difficulty pushing myself mentally. That's always the challenge for me -- pushing myself. Nevertheless, I finished in 23:35, which is better than my 26:44 the first time around. We also got our waists and hips measured, and I think my waist went from 28.5 (inches) to 25.5 while my hips went from 36 to 35. Woot!

After the WOD the challengers had a post-paleo potluck party. I brought the paleo brownies that I'd baked in the morning -- it was the ONLY paleo food on the table! Shocking. Most people had brought cakes, pizzas, and other stuff we couldn't touch while we were on paleo. And although everyone indulged today, we agreed that we were going to continue eating, living, sleeping, and breathing paleo.

My conclusion: CrossFit + Paleo = Results.

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