Monday, March 19, 2012

Post-challenge Day 4

Today's meals

Breakfast: Paleo brownies
Lunch: Burgers, banana with coconut butter, paleo brownies, non-paleo Death by Tablea chocolate cake
Dinner: Fried fish, kangkong, bananas
Snacks: Paleo brownies, singkamas, bananas, walnuts, non-paleo mochi ice cream

The computer says it's already 12:51 am, but I'm still awake. I made paleo chicken nuggets for myself and Miguel tomorrow. I haven't tasted them but I hope they're good. I wanted to make the paleo BBQ sauce as well, but I think I'll do it on Tuesday morning instead.

Tomorrow, I'm going to ask the coaches to help me with my sit ups. And I'm also going to ask if they can work something out so I can do the SWOD (strength WOD) that people do on Thursdays. Because I really wanna lift heavy things.

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