Thursday, March 15, 2012

Post-challenge Day 1

Today's meals

Breakfast: Microwaved saging saba with coconut butter
Lunch: Paleo chicken fingers, singkamas, some sweet chocolate-cheese-salt drink from Happy Lemon
Dinner: Paleo chicken fingers, carrot and cucumber sticks
Snacks: Boiled sweet potatoes, boiled saging saba, ponkan, banana with coconut butter, paleo ice cream

Now that the Paleo Challenge is over, all bets are off. I will try to be as paleo as possible and apply the "100% paleo 80% of the time" rule, but I will also give in to temptation from time to time. I wouldn't want to go back to eating the way I did pre-challenge, though. I know that eating too much sugar gives me a tummy ache, but more than that, I'm afraid to lose what strength I've gained (this will be tested on Saturday during the paleo baseline WOD) since switching lifestyles.

Anyway... not a few people have been telling me that they're worried because I've gotten skinny. But I didn't start working out because I wanted to lose weight -- it was because I wanted to gain muscle mass and get stronger. Maybe I just look skinny because the fat I'd had was replaced by muscle (I wish). What to do, what to do? I eat right, work out regularly, and I feel great! Why would I want to change anything?

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