Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paleo Challenge Day 23

Today's meals

Breakfast: Almond flour banana pancakes with coconut nectar and coconut butter, black coffee
Lunch: Boiled sweet potato, singkamas
Dinner: Pan-fried cream dory, sauteed spinach
Snacks: Pancakes, apple

I tried a new recipe banana pancake recipe that uses almond flour, just to see how different it is from the coconut flour pancakes I make. While the almond flour pancakes were good, they weren't that good. Just okay. And since I still have 1.5 kg of coconut flour left and it's way cheaper than almond flour (P80/kg vs. P495/kg), I'll stick with coconut flour for a while.

Meanwhile, I am SO glad that singkamas (jicama) is in season again. It's my most favorite go-to snack and I could live on it day in and day out.

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