Sunday, February 5, 2012

Running like a kid

In my desire to encourage my son to continue being active, I told him we'd be running today. Although I'd contemplated going to the box, spending time with my son is still my top priority. I only see him on weekday mornings so I make sure I have time for him on weekends.

He's a member of his school's football team, and thanks to a book I got on football for youth (it was a steal at P98 at a book sale) I learned that he needs to develop his endurance. So this afternoon, we got dressed and went for a (very short) run.

It wasn't a structured running workout - I'm saving that for when he gets accustomed to running. I also didn't want to pressure him into running fast. I just wanted him to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. We did some slow jogging and occasional sprints. All in all, we ran 2.01 km in 18:59 mins (at a 9:27/km pace). Today, I ran like a kid. :)

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