Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3 WOD: Barbara

Today we did Barbara, which is a "benchmark" WOD. These special WODs are meant for people to test their fitness. People record their time so that the next time they do the same benchmark WOD, they will see if they've improved (or not).

Barbara is 5 rounds of:

- 20 pull ups
- 30 push ups
- 40 sit ups
- 50 squats

At the beginning I was thinking of doing 5 rounds, but I changed my mind after the 2nd round and stayed with mini-Barbara, which is only 3 rounds. Although there was a 3 min rest in between rounds, it was still one of those especially kickass-y WODs. My time (not counting the 3 min rests): 21:21.

In other news, I'm having such an un-paleo day. In the morning, I had peanut butter with my banana. Then I got a salad and cream of mushroom soup with bread from Sbarro for lunch. Now, I'm having cafe mocha. And later, I'm eating chocolate. I'm as far away from paleo as I could get. No matter, I'll get back in the saddle tomorrow!

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