Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paleo Challenge Day 7

Today's meals

Breakfast: paleo coconut flour pancakes and black coffee
Lunch: oven-baked sweet potatoes
Dinner: pan-fried cream dory and eggplant with coconut aminos
Snacks: carrot sticks, coconut flour pancakes, and walnuts

I'm still feeling good and my energy level doesn't dip like it used to before I went paleo. There have been so many opportunities to cheat -- too many! -- but I've learned how to turn a blind eye on them. And I love that I don't get that heavy and full feeling after having a meal. I also rarely feel bloated. I could really learn to love this.

Part of the challenge involves going head-to-head with 4 other teams. The team that gets the lowest time or the most number of rounds (for AMRAP WODs) wins. And tomorrow, my partner and I are doing our first head-to-head with another team. Lord, please don't let the WOD involve running or pull ups or wall balls or sit ups (I still have burns on my butt from doing last Saturday's sit ups)...

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