Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paleo Challenge Day 4 + February 18 WOD: Paleo baseline

Today's meals

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomato and spinach, banana, and coffee
Lunch: sinigang na baboy with okra and kangkong
Dinner: tilapia with eggplant cooked in coconut milk and baked sweet potato fries
Snacks: saging saba, coconut water and coconut meat, carrot sticks


And the WOD? On the board it looked deceivingly simple. Emphasis on "deceivingly." It was 3 rounds of:

- 400m run
- 10 pull ups (I used the green band)
- 20 push ups
- 30 sit ups
- 40 squats

Today, it was the run that got me. I don't know why, but I felt so heavy running during the first round, and then I think the defeatist in me started winning. My time? Look:

See the slowest time there? That's me - 26:44. The good news is, my time can only go lower from here (I hope) and I should have a much better time when we do the same WOD on March 17.

Post-WOD on the way home, I snacked on carrot sticks, and when I got home I made baked sweet potato fries again. The family loved it. See, paleo food CAN taste good! And they're pleased that I'm more active in the kitchen now that I need to prepare my own food.

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