Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1 WOD: Triplet

Back when the "renegade" coaches were still there, I remember doing less lifting and more body weight exercises. But I noticed that since I started working with the other coaches, there have been more barbell work. Which is good, in a way... I guess... unless it's an exceptionally kickass workout. It's a love-hate relationship I have with those bars. I love them because I know they're helping to make me strong, but I hate them because they make me feel so weak.

Anyway, today, we were given 20 mins to do 3 rounds of what they call a "triplet":

- 10 ring dips
- 20 overhead squats
- 30 wall balls

I used the parallettes for modified ring dips, the 35 lb bar for the OHS, and the 10 lb ball for the wall balls. My time: 18:31. On the board, I saw that Nickey did it in 9+ mins. Unbelievable.

For a hump day laugh:

Please laugh :)

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