Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11 WOD: "I wish it was just Cindy"

While I was warming up, Miggy approached me and said he had bad news for me: they're doing away with the 10 am class. NOOOO!!! I think they're still trying to figure things out, but I hope they keep my class!

Back to the WOD. Just by looking at the warm up (which included a 250m row and 200 jump rope, among other things), I knew it was going to be a challenging WOD. And when I saw that they called it "I wish it was just Cindy," that confirmed it.

We had 10 mins to do:

- 50 kettlebell swings, then AMRAP of:
- 5 chest-to-bar pull ups
- 10 hand-release push ups (feet on 35/45 lb plate)
- 15 front squats

Then at the end, we counted how many reps we were able to do in total. I used a 12 kg kettlebell and a green band for the pull ups. Before starting, we were told that the squats were regular squats with no weights. But just as we finished, Miggy realized that we were supposed to have used weights, and would we like to do it again? Nobody agreed. Just doing those kettlebell swings almost did it for me. Who invented those things anyway?

My total score: 124. Fail. On the board, I saw someone was able to do 215, and a girl I know did 180. Wow.

Anyway, Paleo Challenge Partner Edition is coming up at the box, and I'm toying with the idea of joining. The prize is a trip to somewhere. I've been wanting to try Paleo but I'm afraid to let go of bread, pasta, and sweets.

I shall think about it veeerrrry well.

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