Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23 WOD

Today's WOD was more challenging than usual. Karen said it's because they won't be seeing us for a couple of days because of the Christmas holiday! Punishing us in advance because they know we're going to stuff our faces this weekend?

Anyway, we did 15 mins AMRAP of:

- 10 dead lifts (Rx is at body weight)
- 10 lunges with plates (25 lbs for the ladies)
- 200m sprint

I did 75 lbs for the dead lifts and used a 15 lb plate for the lunges. I was tempted to go down to 65 lbs for the dead lifts but I wanted to challenge myself today, so 75 lbs it was.

I was able to do 3 rounds + 10 dead lifts and 10 lunges and I was so beat after that.

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