Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21 WOD

Only two people went to the 10 am class today, myself included. A lot of people seem to be getting busier preparing for Christmas. I myself can't wait for this work week to enddd.

Anyway, we worked on strength today. We did 6x3 (or was it 5? I can't remember now) front squats, starting light then working our way up. I maxed out at 75 lbs, and good thing we didn't have to clean the bar. Instead we used those things you place the bar on and you take the bar from a standing position.

Cash out was 10 mins AMRAP of:

- 10 thrusters
- 10 sit ups to burpees

For the thrusters, Rx was 55 lbs for girls but I used the 25 lb bar.

I did 3 rounds + 2 thrusters.

Miggy was there and he asked if I've been running better. I had to tell him that I haven't run since I started going to CrossFit, mainly because my muscles are too sore and stiff the day after a workout. But he said I should test it and maybe I will, this Christmas vacation.

Also, I've been using the Tanita scale at the box and the first time I weighed myself (Nov 25) my body fat percentage was 24%. On Dec 7, it was down to 23.5%. Today, it's 23.3%. I'm not sure if that's accurate but I sure hope so. It makes me even more conscious about the food I eat. I know I have to lessen the junk but I can't help it!

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