Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27 WOD: Glorious cleans!

Yeah, so I haven't been posting my workouts. The WODs during the past couple of months have been uninspiring. We're not allowed to drop heavy weights on the floor anymore, hence the increased frequency of body weight exercises. And I can only take so many wall balls, burpees, pull ups and squats. I still have been working out, only now I go twice a week instead of the usual four times a week. I'm trying to find a way to jumpstart my motivation.


3-position pausing squat clean

Pause 2 seconds at each position.

Position 1 - Knees
Position 2 - Mid-thighs
Position 3 - Pockets

B. Metcon

5 RFT (15 minute cap)

10 power cleans (135/95#)
10 burpees

My score: 85# (squat cleans); 11:45 (65#)

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