Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14 WOD: Open 14.3

In a video just before the announcement, Dave Castro said that people will have to "fight for every rep." He really is brilliant when it comes to programming.

Screen grab from the CF Games site

For this Open announcement, it was Alessandra Pichelli and Stacie Tovar who went head to head. And I just want to share my favorite moment of the announcement:

Screen grab from the video announcement
Tovar was wearing workout pants, which I thought was highly unusual for an elite CrossFitter competing in front of a big crowd (coz you know how us CF girls love to show off our quads). Just as Castro called out that there was 10 seconds to go before time starts, she shed her pants. I love it!

This is one painful workout. I did it as prescribed, thinking that it's "only" 8 minutes long, but how wrong I was. Since the weights are ascending, you have to have the plates ready on both ends of the bar so you can easily add them. And you're the only one who's supposed to add the plates so you have to move as quickly as you can.

My score: 90 Rx

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