Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct 1 WOD: Front squats and burpees

It's already October! Where did September go??

A. Skill

Ring dips
3 sets of max reps ring dips
90 second rest in between sets

B. Metcon

4 RFT (10 minute cap)
5 front squats (185/125#; clean from the ground)
10 pull ups
15 burpees or 50 double unders

The original WOD called for 200m sprints instead of burpees or DUs but it started raining as we were warming up so Coach Jordan tweaked it. I chose burpees because there was a bigger possibility of me actually doing 15 burpees faster than 50 DUs. I also chose to do ring rows instead of pull ups (still in observance of petiks season).

My score: 3 + 3 ring rows (90#)

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