Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jul 30 WOD: Chipper sandwich

Why am I seeing more and more of these chippers?!

For time (30 minute cap):

Buy in: 50 double unders

50 front squats (Rx: 95/65; Elite: 115/85)
40 push press (Rx: 95/65; Elite: 115/85)
30 back squat (Rx: 95/65; Elite: 115/85)
20 strict press (Rx: 95/65; Elite: 115/85)
10 thrusters (Rx: 95/65; Elite: 115/85)

Cash out: 50 double unders

I think the buy in and cash out of DUs are the coaches' way of telling us to practice them consistently. Something that I know I must but don't do. Which makes me all the more nervous about the throwdown.

I'm teamed up with Ian and Jerwin, who I might mention are total beasts. Like they could go Big Rx if they wanted to. And I don't like the pressure that being teamed with really strong guys puts on the lone girl member of each team! I get anxiety attacks every time I see a facebook post or a tweet by CFMNL about the throwdown.

(Image credit: @CFMNL on twitter)
Anyway. My score for the WOD: 23.21 (55 lbs)

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