Friday, July 19, 2013

Jul 19 WOD: Diane

It's been a long time since my calves have felt sore, and I guess it was the tuck jumps yesterday that's the culprit -- I very rarely do tuck jumps.


Front squat 20RM (70% of 1RM)

B. Metcon: Diane


Dead lifts (235/155)
Handstand push ups

When I saw the SWOD, I remembered coming in early one morning and watching Charles crank out his 20RM thrusters. I'm just glad that we did front squats, not thrusters. Tere and I shared a bar and we started with 80 lbs. We thought we were done after we finished one set of 20 reps, then Coach Jordan said  we should add weight if we were able to complete the 20 reps because we should continue to work to failure. I thought he was kidding because, believe you me, 20 reps is a lot.

The metcon wasn't so bad. I got pressured into using 135 lbs for the DL like Helen and Tere and I did pike push ups instead of HSPUs.

After the WOD, Rhona and I practiced doing wall balls with the 7 kg ball then the knees to elbows in preparation for the throwdown. Eep!!!

My score: 85 (front squat 20RM); 7:43 (135/pike)

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