Friday, July 12, 2013

Jul 12 WOD: Dead lift couplet

As if yesterday wasn't bad enough, another challenging WOD was in store for us today.

For time (15 minute cap):


Dead lift (235/155)
Overhead squats (135/95)

If you think about it, it's just 45 reps of each movement. But I started to feel my back muscles tightening about halfway through the second set. On the third and last set, I made myself do both the dead lifts and the OHS unbroken. I just wanted to get it over and done with!

After the WOD, we were rewarded with Nickey's spaghetti (her birthday treat) and Albright and Maig's chocolate Guinness cupcakes with vanilla bean Irish cream cheese frosting (whew!).

My score: 11:29 (125/55)

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