Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jun 25 WOD: Fun AMRAP

Sometimes it's best to go into a WOD with NO expectations - just work your ass off and see what happens. - @MentalityWOD

And I tried doing just that today.


Pendlay rows 5 x 5 (70 - 80% of 1RM) EMOM

B. Metcon

12 minutes AMRAP

3 dead lifts (185/135)
6 push ups
9 box jumps (24/18)

Trish and I shared a bar for the Pendlay rows. We started with 65 lbs then on our last set we did 75 lbs. For the metcon, Coach Jordan had to divide us into 2 heats. I was in the second heat along with Rhona, who somehow convinced me to go Rx. It wasn't so bad. I avoided looking at the time and tried to keep a steady pace.

My score: 75 (Pendlay rows); 11 + 6 push ups

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