Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 9 WOD: Bar complex

I didn't have work last Thursday and was able to attend the 12:30 pm class. The workout was:

10 mins AMRAP

Dead lift + hang power clean + front squat + push press (115/75)

Then do 5 burpees for every time you readjust your grip while the bar is on the floor or for every time you let the bar rest on the floor.

Note: You can readjust your grip in the hang position.

I used 65 lbs for the complex and did around 4 or 5 sets of burpees. Rhona said I should still be able to get a score of about 20 even with the breaks but I didn't want to rush through the sets (or is that my excuse for getting a low score?). I focused on getting my form right, especially when locking out the elbows during the push press.

On the bright side, doing the burpees, I finally figured out how to jump my feet back before my hands touch the floor. It did feel more efficient.

My score: 16

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