Friday, April 19, 2013

Date a girl who CrossFits

Date a girl who wakes up every morning excited and nervous about going to the box and taking on another WOD. She knows she isn't going to get a PR or the best score everyday, but you can be sure she's not afraid of hard work (and burpees).

Date a girl whose goal is to be strong. She's competitive and will want to beat you at every workout and you might be tempted to let her, but she'll know it and will not like you for it. Instead, go to the box with her, attend the same class, and help her reach her goals. Hand her the PVC pipe and warm up together. In between warm up sets, you'll see her face light up while talking about watching mobility tips on YouTube, or seeing Speal beat Holmberg on 13.4.

A girl who has calluses on her hands is not afraid of imperfection and a little pain. After all, she got those calluses from working on her pull ups and toes to bar. Don't be fooled, though. She may have rough hands but those rough hands still need to be held.

Date a girl who isn't afraid to sweat. She's glad there aren't any mirrors in the box. She's not looking to be complimented on her beauty but she will reward you with a beaming smile when you compliment her on her form. When she's on beast mode, she doesn't care about how she looks because she's focused on making every rep count. This is the moment when nothing else exists but herself and the bar. Don't be afraid if she roars like a lioness when she hits a new PR - just go over and give her a high five or a hug (if you dare).

A woman who does CrossFit loves her body. You will not hear her whining about her thick thighs. On the contrary, the bigger her quads, the better. Tell her she's got thunder thighs and she'll thank you.

Find a girl who can eat as much as, if not more than, you can. All the better if she loves meat and vegetables, and knows that fat doesn't make you fat. When you go on a date, she will order for herself. She will eat with lady-like gusto and you will realize that this is a girl who knows how to appreciate everything life has to offer - provided it's paleo, of course.

You will love that she idolizes women who can front squat, back squat, and snatch twice their body weight, women who never give up, women who have the mental tenacity to keep going when the road gets rough. She appreciates the years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that those athletes poured into their craft. She doesn't believe in quick fixes because she knows that success doesn't involve magic tricks - just a ton of hard work and dedication.

Date a girl who cheers on her competitors. One who isn't afraid that her boxmate will finish first or does more reps than her. One who actually wants her friends to do better than her. Her boxmates are her second family so you may have to go through them first if you want to get with her.

The only time you may yell at her is during WODs when you see her struggling to crank out another rep, when she's breathing so hard she feels like passing out, when she thinks she might have to bail because she cannot come up from her squat. She will loathe you intensely for it during that moment, but later on she will thank you and you'll both have a good laugh about it.

She knows it's okay to pause when WODs or life gets too difficult, but she also knows how to forge on. And this is what you will find most beautiful about her. CrossFit may be a big part of her life, but she can always make room for the right guy.


I wrote this when I remembered all the great things I read in The Bull Runner's Date a Girl Who Runs. And I thought, why not Date a Girl Who CrossFits too?


  1. Beautiful... There are men who prefer girls with no muscles... I will tell my future daughter -- date a man who loves a strong woman.

    1. Yes! We shouldn't have to pretend we're weak just so men could feel strong.