Friday, April 26, 2013

Apr 26 WOD: Front squats and clean and jerks

Strength: Front squat

5 x 1 climbing

I shared a bar with Tere, Tricia, and Helen, and we all started with 80 lbs. We were told to work up to a heavy single in 15 minutes, and our last set was 120 lbs. Front squat PR day!


EMOM (every minute on the minute) x 10 minutes: Clean and jerk x 1 rep

That means at the start of every minute, we were to do 1 rep clean and jerk. We had the option of starting light then adding weight every minute, but I chose to start with what I'd thought was 75 lbs. I say I'd thought it was 75 lbs because it was only after the WOD that I realized that I'd used a 35 lb bar instead of a 25 lb bar. And since I'd put 2 25 lb plates, the weight of my bar was actually 85 lbs... which later became 95 lbs after some prodding by Raul. Shortly after the metcon, I added 10 lbs to the bar and was able to clean and jerk 105 lbs. Another PR for the day!

I think that if I'd known that I was attempting to break the 100 lb C&J barrier, I'd have been more hesitant and unsure. So, thought for the day: What you don't know will get you a PR. :)


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