Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apr 10 WOD: Sprints and DUs + Wendler


I did the WOD first and did the Wendler while the bootcampers were working out.

For skill work, Trisha and I practiced the muscle up transition while on our feet. I think I'll need to have been doing CF for 5 years before I get this movement.

5 RFT:

200m run
35 double unders

The. Heat. Was. Almost. Unbearable. The temp is almost always around 34 degrees and it's always sunny so you can understand why I did my best to not stop while running. Thank goodness we only had to do 200m sprints (although 'sprints' is a relative word).

My time: 12-ish

Strength: Dead lift

75% x 5 = 5 x 135
85% x 3 = 3 x 150
95% x 1+ = 3 x 170

Dead lifts: the reason why I have perpetual bruises on my shins... and darn proud of them.

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