Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mar 5 WOD: Cleans

The first 15 minutes we did a clean complex similar to the snatch complex we did yesterday. We worked up to a heavy set of power clean + squat clean (touch and go). I shared a bar with Isabelle and Rach and we were able to work our way up to 95 lbs.

The metcon was similar to yesterday's as well. OTM x 10:

- 5 hang squat clean
- 15 box jumps (30/24")

Rach and I shared a 65 lb bar and used the prescribed 24" box. It was so hard on the legsss. I was panting like you wouldn't believe. Coach Jordan said that the recent WODs were geared to help us get ready for the Open (both the CFMNL Open and the Reebok CrossFit Open). That informational tidbit and the thought of having someone count your reps while you're working out makes me want to hyperventilate. (Note to self: It's just another WOD. It's just another WOD. It's just another freakin' WOD.)

I'm excited to see who among my boxmates will make it to Regionals. CFMNL is ready!

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