Thursday, March 7, 2013

CrossFit Open Workout 13.1

The first Open Workout of 2013 (more popularly known as "13.1") was announced 12 hours ago and the social media world -- the CrossFitting social media world, at least -- exploded with tweets and posts reacting to the announcement.

Grabbed from the CF Games website
Yep, that's the workout. In my humble newbie opinion, it seems to have been designed to weed out the weak from the outset. Anyone can do burpees, but the snatch is a whole other animal. It could make or break your chances of getting in a lot of reps, depending on your strength and whether or not you have the technique down.

At the local CFMNL Open, though, we are given scales.

Grabbed from CFMNL
I'm signed up for the Baby Rx category, but now that I've seen the weights that will be used for the Med Rx category, I want an "upgrade". I'm not sure if the coaches will allow it but I know I'll feel like I'm shortchanging myself if I do PVC overhead squats instead of the snatch. Besides, I don't want to be labeled a sandbagger!

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