Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 11 WOD: Overhead squats with a side of weekend hangover

Some of the people from the lunch crew decided to go to Hamilo Coast during the weekend, thanks to Amie's mad organizing skillz and Smacky, who offered his Pico de Loro unit...

Beach dreaming with Isabelle, Rachelle, Coach Jordan, Marix, Smacky, his cousin Glen, Johann, and Amie

... so it was understandable that we didn't feel like working out much today. You know that feeling when you had a great weekend or a great day and you just want to hold on to that? Sigh. But we all must go through the bad in order to appreciate the good. In life, at work, and during the WOD.

On to the WOD. We worked on heavy hang power snatches for 15 minutes, with emphasis on form and technique. I did only up to 55 lbs. After months of working on the snatch, I feel like there's still something missing in my snatch. These are the few times when I wish we had mirrors in the box.

The metcon was 7 RFT:

- 7 overhead squats (95/65)
- 7 burpee box jumps (18" for both ladies and gents)

I used 45 lbs for the OHS and did the burpee box jumps as prescribed. Before the WOD, we were talking to Coach Raf about burpees. We watched him doing burpees seemingly without effort and asked how we could improve on ours. He told us to throw our bodies down chest first instead of slowly lowering the chest to the floor (it taxes the shoulders and tires you more quickly). Well, I tried it during the WOD and I did notice a small difference in terms of efficiency.

My time: 12:43

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