Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan 8 WOD: Back squats

Pre-WOD, I worked on getting my new 1RM shoulder press so I can get back on the Wendler saddle. I'm quite happy to say that I got a 10 lb increase so my 1RM is now 65 lbs.

For the first part of the WOD, we were given 15 minutes to do heavy singles of back squats. The first 5 minutes were for warming up, and for the last 10 minutes we were to work up to 95% of our 1RM. Tin and I shared a bar, and whereas I worked my way up to 115 lbs, she worked her way up to 135.

For the metcon, it was:

3 minutes max reps back squats (Rx: 3/4 of body weight)

1 minute rest

3 minutes calorie row

1 minute rest

3 minutes max reps burpees

I did the workout as Rx'd! Woot! My scores: 115 (back squat A); 85 (3/4 BW) - 23 back squats / 36 calories / 21 burpees. Looks like the rowers are finally getting some exercise!


  1. Hope you can post photos in action! Is that allowed?

    1. It's allowed. :) I'll try to post photos in one of my future posts. Thanks for the suggestion!