Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jan 3 WOD: Clean and Jerk

Hello, barbell. I've missed you so.

We did 5 sets of 1 rep clean and jerk. I worked my way up to 85 lbs, and methinks it's time to set a new PR for the year.

For the metcon, we had to do 3 rounds of:

- 12 thrusters (Rx: 75 lbs)
- 12 chest to bar pull ups

I usually use only 50 lbs for workouts that involve thrusters, but it was written on the board that we should go about 5 lbs heavier on the thrusters today so I decided to use 55 lbs. As the WOD was being explained, I had like a deja vu - I was sure we'd done something similar before. And I realized it's a different kind of Fran. Anyway, my scores: 85 lbs (C&J); 7:33 (55 lbs).

When I got to work, I started on a SYTYCD season 8 marathon and this happened:

Our family must have received something like 6 or 7 bags of chestnuts, and since nobody seemed to be eating them I took a couple of handfuls with me to the office.

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