Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 29 WOD: Squat cleans and another DNF

For the first part of the workout, we did OTM (on the minute) 10 x 2 heavy squat cleans. That means every minute, we were to do 2 squat cleans. I used 65 lbs the first 5 minutes then added 20 lbs more. It was challenging but doable.

For the metcon, we had to do the following within a 15 minute time cap:

- 15 dead lifts (Rx: 95)
- 15 push ups

I did the WOD as Rx'd -- yes, even the push ups -- but I wasn't able to finish. I only managed to eke out 7 rounds + 8 dead lifts. I can't believe I've gotten my butt kicked and DNF-ed 2 days in a row!


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