Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan 25 WOD: Kipping skill

I rushed to catch the 12:30 PM class, and I'd barely arrived when Coach Jordan asked if I wanted to do the paleo challengers' WOD as warm up. I said yes without knowing that it was 12 x 30 seconds max reps burpees - gulp! I did them at an easy pace though and got a total of 85.

After that, we worked on kips. We learned that we should swing from the hips and not the legs or the arms. Then we were taught how to use our legs as if we were jumping up so we could bend our arms and then pull our chins over the bar. I think I'll need to work on this before every WOD.

For the metcon, we did OTM x 12 minutes:
- 1st minute: 3 power cleans
- 2nd minute: 40 double unders
- 3rd minute: 3 power cleans
- 4th minute: 40 DUs... and so on

I gots fresh calluses on my CrossFit man-hands

I used 55 lbs for the cleans and was able to complete the 40 DUs only once. Boo, me!

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