Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec 4 WOD: Clean and jerk

We had 15 minutes to work up to our 3RM touch and go clean and jerk. When the coach says "touch and go", it means once you pick up the bar, you can't re-grip from the floor and you have to keep going until you're done with the set. I was able to work up to 85 lbs.

For the metcon, we had 12 minutes to do:

- 30 burpees
- 50 thrusters (Rx: 45)
- 500m row

Coach Pau was there beside me pushing me and constantly feeding me with instructions. It helped tons, and I know I would've gone easier on myself if he hadn't been there. That's one of the things I love about the CrossFit community (a.k.a. "cult" to others).

Anyway, I used only 40 lbs for the thrusters, because 50 thrusters are no joke (plus, I wussed out again). I finished in 9:44. Define wasak. I thought my legs were going to give in as I was trying to stand from the rower. And I lay on the floor for a good 5 minutes just trying to breathe.

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