Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec 3 WOD: Hello, Helen!

Benchmark girl Helen as cash out? Why not, coaches, why not, indeed?

For the first part of the workout, we worked on our full snatch, meaning we were to catch the bar in the squat position. We were given 15 minutes to work up to 3 x 1 of 45 lbs for beginners and 65 lbs for intermediate peeps. I tried going for 55 lbs but I couldn't stick it, so I stuck with 45 lbs.

For the metcon, we did Helen, which is 3 rounds of the following (with an 18 minute cap):

- 400m run
- 21 kettlebell swings (Rx: 16 kg)
- 12 pull ups

I'd thought about skipping this one but then I remembered Lisbeth Darsh's blog post on cherry picking, and I reminded myself that it's been 3 days since my last workout so I dragged my butt to the box and resigned myself to running in the noon heat.

So, confession: I know that it's supposed to be a 400m run, but I didn't run the whole time. I wonder when I'll ever actually run a running WOD. Maybe when I finally learn to fight back against all the negative thoughts invading my head every time I'm close to the edge of my comfort zone?

Anyway, as to my time: 16:32.

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