Friday, December 28, 2012

Dec 28 WOD: Ascending ladder

For the first part of the workout, we had 8 minutes to do an ascending ladder of the following:

- Power clean (Rx: 105 lbs across)
- Front squat
- Jerk

I used 65 lbs and I discovered soon enough that it gets more and more difficult to do unbroken sets as the number of reps increase (no duh). I didn't want to put down the bar after the front squats, but just thinking about jerking them made me tired. And so my mind won again.

My score: 5 + 6 front squats.

After that, we did goat work again for the metcon. We were again given 20 minutes, and I chose to do 60 ring dips (band assisted) and 10 x 10 sec L-sits.

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