Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 10 WOD: Choose your own adventure

I'm back from lovely Palawan where I went faileo all the way. And now I've got this dumb headache from gorging on sweets (my weakness!).

We worked on the front squat (racked) for the first part of the workout. We had 15 minutes to get our 3RM, then 5 minutes to get our 10RM. Helen and I shared a bar, and I was able to work my way up to 105 lbs. After that, I used 75 lbs for the 10RM.

For the metcon, it was on the minute for 16 minutes of:

Odd: Choice between 5 hand stand push ups or 6 push press
Even: 200m run or 100m sprint or 200m row

In his FB post, Coach Pau strongly suggested that we choose the exercises we need to work on -- in other words, what we don't want to do. For the odd minutes, I did the push press (45 lbs), and for the even minutes, I chose the sprint. And sprint I did!

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