Friday, October 26, 2012

Oct 26 WOD: Burpee sets from hell

The box is on holiday schedule today, so I was expecting an especially challenging WOD. What I didn't expect was having to do more body weight exercises. When I looked at the board and saw the WOD, I couldn't help exclaiming, "What!?" It was like looking at the evil twin of last Wednesday's workout. There was a 30 min time cap to do:

- 50 burpees
- 100 double unders
- 200m run
- 40 burpees
- 80 double unders
- 200m run
- 30 burpees
- 60 double unders
- 200m run
- 20 burpees
- 40 double unders
- 200m run
- 10 burpees
- 20 double unders
- 200m run

Okay, it's not that difficult, but doing all that within 30 minutes?? But we did it anyway. The first set's 100 DUs frustrated me, and I asked for permission from Coach Jordan to do singles instead. Even so, I was still not able to finish (made it up to 20 burpees), and now I've gotten 2 DNFs in a row!

Fortunately (or unfortunately, if that's how you wanna look at it), there were no deaths at the box today, even if a few of us had DNFed. I will make burpees my b*tch one day.

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