Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug 13 WOD: Couplet + Wendler Day 6

Even the traffic situation is back to normal today, as it took almost an hour for me to reach the box from my son's school. Le sigh.

Continuing with the Wendler, I worked on shoulder presses today.

Warm up: 3 x 25; 3 x 30

70% x 3 = 3 x 35
80% x 3 = 3 x 40
90% x 3+ = 6 x 45

Assistance: 3 x 10 pull ups (post-WOD)

There were only 2 of us today who showed up for the 10 am class. We did 10 rounds of:

- 2 overhead squats (Rx: 75)
- 4 box jumps (Rx: 24")

Since we didn't have to do high rep exercises, I went with 40 lbs for the OHS and did the box jumps as Rx'd!

My time: 9:04. Methinks OHS and I could become friends eventually.

I also continued working on my double unders post-WOD. My best streak is still 12 unbroken double unders, and my goal is to do 20 unbroken in a few weeks. DUs, I'm coming for you!

I wish this were high-res because it's so cute!


  1. Hi! Like your recipes a lot. Also wanted to let you know that I am currently compiling a listing of Paleo Blogs in Asia and that you were the first I have added. Hope your are ok with that.

    See link here:

    1. Hi, Lory! Your website is very helpful and informative, and thank you for including my blog in your list. Great to know paleo is gaining ground in Asia.