Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jun 20 WOD: CFMNL Throwdown 3.2

I was actually excited to go to the box today because I wanted to work on my double unders. Lala had posted a video of herself finally doing it after days and days of practicing, and I was so inspired!

She said she just kept practicing everyday, and Jordan was there to help her. She's living proof that persistence trumps talent!

Anyway. Today's workout was a little different. We were given 10 mins to do sets of 15-12-9 of:

- Thrusters
- Chest to bar pull ups

After completing that, we were to do AMRAP lateral burpees (do a burpee, jump over the bar, then jump back) with the remaining time until the 10 mins is over. The number of burpees done is the score.

I used a 45 lb bar for the thrusters and the green band for the chest to bars. My score: 23.

After the workout, I continued working on my double unders with Jordan. He kept giving me pointers, and finally I was able to string 2 together!!! So happy!

I was very hungry by the time I got to the office so I had my simple paleo lunch of sweet potato hash and seasoned ground beef with fried eggplant slices. Now all I need is coffee.

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