Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9 WOD: Split jerks

It's Wednesday, and we did a strength WOD again today. I have to say, since the coaches moved strength day to Wednesdays, I'm starting to love this day of the week.

It was my first time to do split jerks. I was nervous because when I looked at the board, the lowest score was 60#. My fear was starting to get the better of me again when I thought about all the shoulder to overhead lifts I'd done, because the maximum was 45 or 55# -- I'm not so sure now. It's a good thing Tere and I were sharing a bar because she gave me the push I needed.

We warmed up with the 35# bar, then worked our way up. Finally, we reached 85#... and I did it! I tried going further up to 95# but I couldn't push it up anymore, and there was a fraction of a second when I was sure the bar was going to hit my head. Good thing I was able to bail or I'm pretty sure it would've been a bloody day at the box.

After the SWOD, we did alternate tabata push ups and sit ups. That is, 20 secs push ups, 10 secs rest, 20 sec sit ups, and so on until the end of 8 mins. Overall good day today!

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