Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post-challenge Day 21 + Apr 4 WOD: SWOD (shoulder press)

Today's meals

Breakfast: Non-paleo pancakes with butter and honey
Lunch: Burgers, stir-fried kalabasa (squash) with adobo seasoning, singkamas
Dinner: Ground beef lettuce wraps
Snacks: Boiled sweet potatoes, paleo carrot cupcakes

I couldn't resist the lure of non-paleo pancakes this morning. I just couldn't.

So I discovered a new way to eat kalabasa. Just stir-fry it and season with adobo seasoning. I got the adobo seasoning recipe from and it can pretty much go with anything. It makes stuff so tasty.


Finally, a day when strength is the focus! I'm guessing they programmed the SWOD today because tomorrow is a holiday, which means the WOD will probably be more challenging than usual (gulp!).

We worked on shoulder presses today and had to do 3 sets of heavy 5 reps. And for me, "heavy" was 45 lbs. What? They were strict presses -- no dipping -- so they were more difficult!

After that, cash out was 5 rounds (with 12 min cap) of:

- 12 dead lifts
- 20 double unders

I used a 105 lb bar for the dead lifts and did 80 singles instead of 20 double unders. My time: 10:33.

How great is it that I can dead lift 105 lbs for 5 sets of 12 reps?! My 1RM for dead lifts last year was 115 lbs, so I must be getting stronger!

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