Monday, April 2, 2012

Post-challenge Day 19 + Apr 2 WOD: Monday Mash

Today's meals

Breakfast: Homemade bacon, fried egg
Lunch: Burgers, curried cauliflower, chicken fingers, banana
Dinner: Ground beef lettuce wrap, curried cauliflower
Snacks: Hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks, paleo carrot cupcakes

Homemade bacon was a success! I'd bought a few pork bacon cut slices a while ago and couldn't figure out how to turn them into bacon. Finally, our cook suggested simply rubbing salt and sugar on them after they've defrosted. So that's what I did. Once they'd defrosted, I laid them flat then rubbed salt on one side. I flipped them over then rubbed salt on the other side. Then, I rubbed coconut sugar on that side, flipped them over and rubbed sugar again on the other side. I put them back in the ref and in the morning I had them cooked like regular bacon. It was good. I must buy more bacon slices next time.


I wasn't really in the mood to workout today. I felt tired and heavy (I blame those cookies), but I still went. It seems not a lot of people felt like working out either, because there were only 4 names on the board this morning. Anyway, we were given a time cap of 15 mins to do 4 rounds of:

- 45 ft. shuttle run
- 5 ground-to-overheads (clean and jerk or snatch)
- 10 overhead squats
- 5 box jumps up and overs
- 45 ft. shuttle run

We were also given a 45 second rest after each round. It was actually supposed to be a team WOD, but since there were only 3 of us in the class, we did it individually.

I used a 45 lb bar for the ground-to-OH, and was able to use it for the OHS for a few reps but it felt wobbly so I settled for the 35 lb bar. For the box jumps, I used a 12" box. My time: 11:39.

After the class, I practiced doing double unders a little bit. I also practiced kipping so that next time I'd be able to do knees-to-elbows!

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