Sunday, March 25, 2012

Post-challenge Day 11

Today's meals

Breakfast: Cassava cake, banana with coconut butter
Lunch: Non-paleo Asian lunch (Hainanese chicken, pad thai, fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce), cassava cake (it was really good)
Dinner: Fried catfish, chicken-pork balls in veggie soup
Snacks: Mochi ice cream, paleo brownies, apples, singkamas

One of my younger sisters is a fantastic cook. She's the type of person who can whip something up on the fly. So, when I saw the food she'd prepared for lunch yesterday, I knew I'd have to have another cheat meal. One thing I've learned post-paleo challenge is, you have to learn to indulge yourself once in a while. Indulge, but don't binge!

In the evening, I helped another sister make rainbow cupcakes. People at home have been complaining that I don't make/bake goodies anymore since I went paleo. So this weekend was rainbow cupcakes, and next weekend I'll be making peanut butter cookies with the kids.

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