Saturday, January 21, 2012

Test run

I must confess that I couldn't really call myself much of a runner these days. The last time I had an honest-to-goodness run was October 27 last year. I did 4.03 km in 33:14 (8:15 mins/km pace). In fact, last year I wasn't really that into running. And since I started doing CrossFit, I hadn't had the energy and the time to run. Plus, I'd feel so sore the day after a WOD that I'd rather just lay in bed until it was time to go to work.

But since I didn't go to the box today, I decided to run in the afternoon. I started slow - at least that's what I thought until I looked at my watch and saw I was going at a sub-8 pace... wow! I'd planned to do 5 km but my knees started feeling a little strained so I stopped after 4 km. Truth to tell, it wasn't that I was afraid I won't be able to run if I hurt my knees - I was more concerned that I won't be able to do CrossFit if I did. Yeah, I've had a drink of the kool aid and I'm hooked!

Anyway, I ended up doing 4.01 km in 29:37 (7:23 mins/km pace). My core and legs felt strong, and I wasn't as out of breath as I used to be.

Mighty pleased about this
My biased conclusion: CrossFit works! It just does. :)

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