Saturday, January 21, 2012


Since I made a conscious effort to be more active, friends and family have been saying that I don't need to run or work out anymore because I'm already thin. I know they mean well, and I love them for that, but sometimes I just want to tell them that I'm not doing this to get thinner... I'm doing this to get stronger!

When I first started going to CrossFit MNL in November of last year, I felt so weak. I was so nervous about the WODs that I would get a tummy ache and would want to hurl every time I walked into the box, but I sucked it up. Every. Single. Time. I took it one exercise at a time, starting from the warm up. By the time I'm warmed up, I'd almost always be ready for the WOD.

Two months after joining, sometimes I still can't believe the changes I'm seeing. My tummy is a wee bit smaller, my arms are a wee bit firmer, and my leg muscles are a wee bit more defined. And it's not just the physical changes that are motivating me to keep going. I've also noticed an improvement in endurance and strength, both physical and mental. I still question myself, especially when doing a particularly challenging WOD, but I'm better able to push through mental barriers now. All that matters is that I don't quit (or die, hah).

I know a lot of people are intimidated by CrossFit but I've since learned that it's useless to try to convince them about its effectiveness unless they try it themselves. I think I've turned off quite a number of family members and friends with all my CrossFit talk so now I don't talk about it unless they ask (but you know deep inside I'm like, "Ask me! Ask me!").

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