Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18 WOD: Wittman

Today was one of those "Hero" WOD days. In CrossFit, when we say Hero WOD, it means the WOD is named after a fallen soldier who was killed in the line of duty. Hero WODs are more difficult, more ardous, and they serve as a memorial for these brave people.

We did "Wittman" today, which was 7 rounds of:

- 15 kettlebell swings (KBS)
- 15 power cleans
- 15 box jumps

Being the newbie that I am, my workout was scaled way down. I used the 8 kg kettlebell for the KBS, the 35 lb bar for the power cleans, and the 12-inch box for the box jumps.

I finished in 21:31. That was hard! 105 box jumps!!!

Anyway, I weighed myself after the workout and saw that I've gained but my body fat percentage is down from 23.3% in December to 21.5%. I sure hope the gain is from muscles.

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