Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 22 WOD: Yet another bar complex

A. SWOD (15 minutes)

1 RM push press

B. Metcon (20 minute cap)

4 sets of:
9 dead lift
6 front squat
3 shoulder to overhead
Rest 3 minutes in between sets

I PRed my push press! The heaviest I'd done was 95# and today I was able to add 10#! Truthfully though, I would've stopped at 100# if Tere, Rhona, and Coach Jordan weren't egging me on. For the bar complex, we were not to regrip or let go of the bar at any time during a set. We could rest the bar in the hang position or in the clean position but we cannot drop it.

My score: 105# (push press); 65/70/75/85

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