Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jun 4 WOD: Learning new things

Coach Matt said that one of the coaches from the Fort box is in charge of programming this month, that's why we're seeing new movements on the board for the workouts.

A. Skill: Pendlay Row

3 x 10 (medium weight)

B. Metcon

15 minutes AMRAP

5 strict pull ups
5 plate ground to overhead (45/25)
5 box jumps (24/18)

I didn't know what Pendlay rows were but I assumed they were named after famous weightlifter Glenn Pendlay. Here's what it looks like:


For the metcon I alternated between the blue band and the green band for the strict pull ups, although I eventually stuck with the green. Then I did the plate ground to overhead and box jumps as prescribed.

My score: 60 (Pendlay rows); 8 + 10 plate ground to OH

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