Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31 WOD: My goats

I was so tempted to avoid the workout today because we were doing toes to bar and double unders (my favorite goats). Then I thought about how much I'll regret it so I dragged my feet a bit and went to the box.


10 toes to bar
20 hand release push ups
30 double unders

I was able to do maybe 1 legit toes to bar rep; the rest were just knees to chest. So, another one on my fitness laundry list is working on my T2B. When I finally get my grips I swear I'll work on my pull ups and T2Bs like heck.

My score: 10:22

After the WOD, the thought of joining the bootcamp class fleetingly crossed my mind. Their workout was:


10 burpees
15 jumping lunges
20 double unders
200m run
Rest 90 seconds

And am I glad I didn't do it. The last guy who finished did it in around an hour!

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