Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mar 28 WOD: Open 13.4

Today and tomorrow are holidays here but CrossFit Open don't care. Life goes on for CrossFitters and the box is open today so athletes can have a shot at 13.4. I watched the live announcement again, and this time it was Spealler vs. Holmberg. I think it's such a testament to these elite athletes' mental and physical training that they are able to do these workouts at the drop of a hat. They know when to push, when to pull back, and how to pace themselves. They are ready for anything.

So, 13.4 is:

Grabbed from the CF Games site

I was rooting for Speal (I love underdogs), and at first I thought he'd lose because he got a few reps behind Holmberg in the C&J, but then he started catching up in the toes to bar. I love his heart and the way he gave the workout his all. In the end he won with 110 reps to Holmberg's 102.

Whew. Anyway, this is the scale for the CFMNL Open competitors:

Grabbed from CFMNL

My score: 66

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