Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 26 WOD: 2 DNFs and a whole lotta sweat

I'm beginning to believe that Wednesday workouts are the only respite we get from all the butt-whipping they serve us during the rest of the week. Wednesday WODs are usually light because that's when a lot of people come to do the trial.

Today, we had to do twin workouts.

First part for time (14 minute time cap):

- 800m run
- 40 hang power snatch (95/65)
- 30 toes to bar
- 20 shoulder to overhead

Rest 6 minutes

Second part for time (14 minute time cap):

- 800m run
- 40 shoulder to overhead
- 30 toes to bar
- 20 hang power snatch

I used 45 lbs for the lifts and did knees to elbows using the rings. I made it to 3 shoulder to overheads for the first part, and 3 hang power snatches for the second part. BUT -- and this is what made Rhona and I proud -- we didn't stop or walk during the 2 runs. It's the little victories that matter.

I had a dream last night that I'd scraped my shins on the bar and had gotten them infected. Ugh. I'm sure those bars house lots of bacteria, so I think I should start wearing long socks all the time now.

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